Snap the Pallet main prize

The announcement of the main prize winner brings the Snap the Pallet photo contest to an end. The international jury, consisting of members and guests of the EPAL Board meeting held 10 March 2022 and EPAL International staff, chose a photo from Turkey.

The photo, with the phrase "I'M SAFE" made from EPAL Euro pallets, creatively demonstrates the significance of quality-assured EPAL Euro pallets for the safety of people and goods in logistics. The quality and safety of EPAL Euro pallets make them the preferred solution for storing goods in high-bay warehouses. The people in the photo have expressed this very clearly and have thus earned the main cash prize of € 3,000. The Board of EPAL sends its congratulations to the winner of the main prize and thanks all participants for sending in their photos.

The award of the main prize brings the Snap the Pallet photo contest to an end. 500 participants from 20 countries sent in a total of over 800 photos from December 2021 to February 2022. Every photo was interesting and beautiful and many showed the versatility of EPAL Euro pallets in an exciting way. 

Robert Holliger, President of EPAL: "The Snap the Pallet photo contest has shown that EPAL Euro pallets are not only indispensable load carriers throughout the world but also a popular and sustainable building block to make garden furniture, beds, bookshelves, insect hotels and much more. The photos submitted are an outstanding compilation of ideas for using EPAL Euro pallets in everyday life."

Due to its great success, there will soon be a second Snap the Pallet photo contest. EPAL therefore recommends that everyone who took part in the photo contest and all other friends of the EPAL Euro pallet continue to take photos of EPAL Euro pallets whenever they see them in everyday life.